An Educational Virtual Reality Garden Where Plastics Are Degraded through Mushroom Farming.

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Leyi He


Mushroom Rigging and Animation

Ray Hover Interaction

Grab and Throw Interaction

Problem Statement Plastic waste is a growing problem that is harming the environment, and we need to find innovative solutions to address it. Meanwhile, people are increasingly interested in finding ways to bring nature into their homes, but many face limitations due to space, time, or resource. MushARoom is an augmented reality project that offers an immersive experience to transform a bedroom into a digital mushroom garden. It is a sustainable solution that showcases how mushrooms can degrade plastic garbage. Using processed plastic as a nutrition for digital mushrooms, we create a circular economy that turns waste into a valuable resource.


Point Cloud

Mushroom Rigging and Animation

Game Menu

Photogrammtic Room

Mushroom Interaction

 Grab and Throw Plastic Bottles

Shredder (up) and Abiotic Degradation Tank (bottom)

Soil for Mushrooms

Marketing Brochure

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