Coral’s Dreaming Masks

A series of biomimicry digital mask designs inspired by the coral family

Project name: 
    Coral’s Dreaming Masks

    2022 Fall

    Rhino(Grasshopper), Vray, Blender, Spark Studio  

This study is meant to explore the potential of applying the structural and colonial characteristics of the coral reefs to future sustainable architecture and fashion design. The early stage study covered the analysis of growing structure, colonies, color, symbiotic system, and environmental Impact. Corals are marine invertebrates that support an estimated 25% of all marine life. There are 2175 identified coral species, protecting the marine community with abundant growth patterns and structures. The branched coral species have more biological symbiosis value than flat corals. This is because the branches offer safer and larger habitable interstitial space. Additionally, branching is an efficient structure to extend surface areas so that more coral polyps can be reproduced, thus enlarging the coral colony. Studying the structures of corals helps us develop environmentally friendly design systems. I put an emphasis on the analysis of nature patterns observed on brain coral, staghorn coral, tubular coral, and lettuce coral.

AR Masks on Spark AR

The Coral's Dreaming Series was created after a thorough study of the growing pattern and structures of different coral species. Before digging into the design, I simulated the colonial growth of lettuce coral and brain coral, which built a solid foundation for the later mask fashion design.

Simlutions of Lettuce Corals’ Growing Phases

Simlutions of Brain Corals’ Growing Patterns

The Collection

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