The Big Build

An organic public living room bridging the city and countryside

Project name: 
    The Big Build
    Tonglu, Zhejiang, China
    2019 July-August
This 10-week project was built as a public living room-- an attraction in the rural area in China. To alleviate the population pressure in the city and arouse people’s interest in nature. We used bamboo, a traditional building material from local, to build a seris of multifunctional structures. The structures are designed based on the original wooden columns and beams. The main hanging structure allows a big space for circulation under the platform. The stucture of the benches hangs from the top beams too. 20 people can sit on the benches at the same time. The building is locted on the hill. It is the firstbuilding people see when they arrive the village. This project was pulished on local news.


Initial Ideas


The team

@ Rui Qiu