Next Stop - Stage Loop

Futuristic Highway-embeded Performance center

Project name: 

    Next Stop - Stage Loop


    Interchange of Highway 405
    and Highway 90, Los Angeles


    2022 Fall

This project discusses performance as a human right. It provides a varity of performing prototypes to meet the demands of both professionals and non-professionals. In the stage loop, the traditional roles of performers and audience are undetermined. People are surrounded by theaters at different scales both inside and outside of the building. It is up to the people what roles they decided to play. By embeding the performing space to the highway itself, not only could the performers gain more viewership, but also make the event of performance a casual idea that deeply rooted in the city of Los Angeles. The The highway junction is very much like a montage in a film where people from different walks of life come across each other yet probably not knowing each other. It is an infrustractural icon in Los Angeles with the majority of the citizens hating it.


Conceptual Diagram - Screen Exposure to vehicles


Conceptual Diagram - Futuristic Performers-Audience Spatial Relationship

@ Rui Qiu